Did you know that we’re in public schools in Madison and surrounding communities? Medical professionals from Care Net give LifeWise presentations in middle and high school health classes. The teachers who have us come into their classrooms are very happy with what we bring to their students.

One middle school teacher wrote about Care Net’s LifeWise presentations and two of our nurses. She said, “Students are working on decision making and relating/applying to their personal growth and development, including sexuality. Tanis and Kylie do a wonderful job connecting the topic of sexual health with our goals as a district and health curriculum. We love having them! What a great relationship we have!”

A high school teacher wrote about a physician who does LifeWise presentations in high schools. She said, “Dr. Jasmine did amazing…. kids love her energy and how real she is.”

LifeWise holding hands
Our nurses and physicians present information to students about STIs, making informed and safe life choices and developing healthy relationships and boundaries.

Our nurses and physicians present information about sexually transmitted infections, making informed and safe life choices and developing healthy relationships and boundaries. They help students to be aware that the only “safe sex” is within the context of a committed mutually monogamous relationship (known as marriage).

Medical information, including information about sexually transmitted infections, changes rapidly and often. Therefore health educators in public schools appreciate being able to bring in experts. We are glad to fill this need and provide experts on sexually transmitted infections and sexual risk avoidance.

Students complete evaluations after hearing our presentations. Students said they learned information important to their lives, including:

  • “There is no such thing as ‘safe sex.’”
  • “Abstinence and avoiding having more than one partner can drastically reduce your chance of getting an STI.”
  • “Condoms can’t protect everything.”
  • “The risk of STIs is higher than I thought.”

Before hearing our presentation, many high school students said they were undecided about having sex. Afterwards, some of them indicated they were now postponing sex until some point in the future including:

  • “I’m with a faithful, clean partner”
  • “Later”
  • “I’m 30”
  • “I’m sure it’s safe”
  • “Marriage”

We’d love for every student to make wise life choices, and wait for sex until they are married. But we know that one or two days out of the year will not change everything else they’ve heard and pressures they face.

Giving students this information will not immediately transform all the ideas they’ve learned from our culture and those around them. But we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share up-to-date medical information, which their schools’ curricula require, from a perspective that honors waiting and healthy relationships.

Back pocket condom & birth control pills
Without LifeWise, students would likely hear a message that being responsible means using a condom every time. They’d hear details about how to use a condom: check the expiration date, keep condoms in a cool, dry place (not your back pocket), don’t use your teeth to open the package and specifics about how to put one on. But LifeWise lets teens know they can choose better.

If we were not presenting this information, they’d get similar information with a much different underlying message from others. A message that being responsible means using a condom every time. Rather than envisioning and empowering teens to wait for something better.

After students have heard our engaging nurses and physicians, some of them may choose to move in a better direction. Or they may continue their commitment to postponing sex. And all will have heard that a better direction is possible.

Would you like to see LifeWise come to a school in your community? Contact Billie Jo to find out more.