Kimoni* and Ada* had recently moved to Madison when they suspected Ada was pregnant. They were married and excited to start their family. But being new to the area, they had no connections and didn’t yet have jobs. They were part of a church but didn’t yet know anyone very well.

They found our clinic by searching online and came for pregnancy testing and help in getting connected with resources. But tragically, the ultrasound revealed that something was wrong. Tanis, a Care Net nurse, helped connect Kimoni and Ada to urgent care where Ada could get the help she needed.

"Good Job" is their message to you
Ada’s ultrasound revealed something was wrong. Complications meant legal issues and medical bills. They came back to Care Net to seek help with what to do.

Ada had a miscarriage and complications. These complications meant she had expensive medical procedures that resulted in unexpected bills. They thought they had insurance – but it turned out to be a scam. Kimoni and Ada were now grieving the loss of a child and on the hook for thousands of dollars they did not have.

Kimoni and Ada tried to find help. They came back to us because we had helped them with everything they needed before. Tanis referred them to a free clinic for continued care and to an organization that could help them with their legal issues and medical bills.

Kimoni said, “Tanis helped us know what to do. It’s not easy when something like that happens to you. We were confused. We called many places but nobody would help us. At Care Net, they always answer the phone immediately. We were not put on hold. They stand by to help people who need help. So we came back to Care Net to seek more help. We are really confident in Care Net’s clinic.” Ada added, “This clinic let me feel comfortable during that difficult time.”

Tanis walked with Kimoni and Ada as they tried to get resolution to their medical bills. As a result of the connection to an organization that could help them, Kimoni and Ada got the legal and financial help they needed. “We thank God for the financial assistance rendered to us through (the referral from) Tanis,” said Kimoni.

Recently Ada and Kimoni came back to us. Ada is pregnant again and they are thrilled. They now have jobs and insurance and some connections in the community. Their medical bills are mostly taken care of and what’s left is manageable. They are looking forward to starting their family.

As they reflected on their experience with Care Net, Ada and Kimoni were very thankful for the people who make our clinic possible. To the people who give financially, who volunteer and who pray so that Care Net is here, they want to say, “Good job!”

Kimoni added, “This clinic takes care of the needy whenever they come and assists them when they are hurting. Being a resident in a new state is not easy. Having a pregnancy and a lost baby is not easy. They really helped us. Good job!”

* Names changed to protect privacy.