I’m both honored and humbled to be chosen by the Board of Directors to lead this next chapter for Care Net. Liz Osborn’s strong spiritual leadership and ethical guidance over the last 35 years has created the Care Net we know and love today: a highly respected and essential ministry that serves our patients and residents with the utmost care and compassion. It has been a blessing to serve alongside Liz for the past four years.

I am excited to build upon our strong foundation and move the ministry forward. Working with our talented staff, ministry partners, and dedicated Board of Directors, we will continue to honor and strengthen our reputation for compassionate, nonjudgmental care, as we uphold Care Net’s mission to honor life by modeling Christ.

As one who has personally experienced a crisis pregnancy, I understand the importance of extending love and compassion and providing resources that address the practical concerns that women and men face. What a blessing to co-labor with God to protect and defend the preborn, to share factual information with love, to remove barriers by providing life-affirming resources, and to point every person we see to the source of Hope. 

Those who have already spoken to or met with me, probably know how much I enjoy talking about Care Net – and that I love giving tours even more! When the current pandemic is over, I’d love to meet you in person, but for now – please give me a call at 608-259-1606.  I want to learn what drives your passion and how we can work together to reach more women and men, save more babies, and transform more lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Together we can create a world where all human life is valued and protected, and women and men have support to choose life. Thank you for joining me.