“I was at a loss. I didn’t know what to think, what to do or what to feel. 

That’s how Nina* felt when she arrived at our clinic. A young teenager, Nina was hoping to hide her pregnancy for as long as possible.  But her mom, Penelope*, found out and brought her to our clinic.  

Penelope shared, “I was brought up believing that a baby was a blessing, but Nina was so young and I was so scared about her health and her future, that abortion seemed like the only real option.”  

But more “real options” became apparent during the visit to our clinic.  

Penelope said, “Instantly we felt love and support. We knew your intentions were to help us. You told us about all the resources available – education, parenting classes, and practical help with the things we needed for the baby.”  

For Nina, the ultrasound made everything real. “It’s different from a pregnancy test when you see the baby and know that’s growing inside of you. I knew I wanted to keep her.”   

Without seeing the ultrasound, Penelope already knew the power it would have.  “I didn’t go in the room because I knew if I saw the baby it would make the abortion harder.” 

While we appreciate the power of technology, as a faith-based ministry we know and rely on a more powerful “tool”: prayer. When a woman at risk for abortion comes to our clinic, we make it a priority pray for God to do His work in the hearts and minds of these women, before they even arrive.    

Prayer works. Penelope said, “I felt God speak to my heart: I know this wasn’t what you were expecting. But the baby is here and it’s Nina’s choice. It’s your job to support her” 

As they left the clinic, Penelope asked Nina what she wanted to do about the pregnancy.  Nina knew exactly how to answer.  “You helped me see that I had a voice, and it really was my choice.”  

She told her mom, ‘Giving up on this baby would be like you giving up on me.  And you would never do that.”  

Penelope answered, “Then let’s do this together.”  Today, they continue to “do this together” along with support from their family, faith community, and Care Net.  

It was so helpful to know we weren’t alone with these needs, but we had a community to count on who would help us.”   

Nina safely delivered baby Lily* earlier this year.  

Penelope reported, “Today, I see incredible strength in Nina and she has blossomed into a wonderful mom who is working hard to achieve her goals.”   

Nina—and Lily—had that chance to blossom because you cared and made a difference. Thank you. 

*name changed