If you’ve been walking with Care Net for a while, you may know already know this. It has been on our hearts to move our Fatherhood program forward for a number of years. That’s why it is with great joy that we introduce you to the newest member of our staff, our Fatherhood Specialist, Mitch Freeman.

Mitch Freeman, Fatherhood Specialist
Mitch Freeman, Fatherhood Specialist, loves being a dad and wants to help other men step up and step into fatherhood.

Mitch has a heart for men and for fathers and wants to help men step up and step into their role as fathers. His own story indicates why he is passionate about helping fathers.

Mitch’s story began when his mom found out she was pregnant with him. His biological dad left her when she told him the news. Here’s what Mitch has to say about it:

“My biological father left when my Mom told him she was pregnant, leaving her to make hard decisions and become a single parent. The first and biggest decision she made was to choose life. Two years later she married an incredible man who adopted me as his own. Now I’m a husband and the father of five wonderful kids.

“On the one hand, I can empathize with birth fathers because I understand that finding out you’re a father unexpectedly can be a scary time. I understand why the first reaction would be negative. But on the other hand, I can give them a message of hope. If they hang in there, the reward of being a father will be far greater than they now realize. It is a gift from God.

“I also know that when my Mom weighed her options, she chose me because she wouldn’t be alone. She had the support and love of her family. Having a strong network of people who love and care about you is invaluable. So I want to be a part in developing the same life-giving networks in local churches. I want to help create partnerships that support fathers who choose life.”

Mitch says that his grandmother was instrumental in his life and in his coming to faith in Christ. Mitch started reading his Bible when he was in fourth grade, after a member of the Gideons came to his school.

After Mitch graduated from high school he began working as a painter. An accident where we fell from scaffolding made him unable to work for a year. He stayed with his grandmother for this year. During this time, God spoke to Mitch and called him to preach. Initially Mitch resisted, but God wouldn’t take No for an answer. He knew better than Mitch what wonderful plans he had in store. When Mitch was able to return to work, he went to seminary and then became a pastor. He pastored for 10 years. After this, Mitch left the pastorate, walked away from God and reached a really low point in his life.

But God did not leave him or forsake him. God told him, “Even though you walked away, I’m still here.” Mitch realized God’s unconditional love for him, no matter how much he was rejecting God. Mitch returned to walking with God. He is enjoying knowing and loving God and being in relationship with Him again.

Mitch is married and is a father to five children, four boys and one girl. He relishes being a dad and finds it very rewarding.

Mitch likes to spend time with his family and enjoys coaching baseball for his sons’ teams. He likes coaching his kids and seeing them grow up and he also likes investing in other kids. Mitch enjoys reading, watching movies and being outside as much as possible.

Mitch looks forward to helping guys who come to our clinic work through their crisis moments of fear and uncertainty. He wants to walk with them and help them make it through to the other side where it’s not a crisis anymore. He wants dads to know that, even if things look bad, they can get to the other side and experience the great rewards of fatherhood.