From the desk of CEO, Sara Patterson

The human body. As I learn more about this incredible creation, I am ever more amazed.

After recently suffering two fractures, I was especially struck by these words from the book Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, by Dr. Paul Brand and writer Phillip Yancey, “A bone fracture sets an elaborate process into motion. Within two weeks a cartilage-like sheath surrounds the region, and mortar-laying cells then enter the jellied mass. These are the osteoblasts, the pothole-fillers of bone, which gradually replace the protective sheath with fresh bone.  In two or three months a node of the new bone marks the site, bulging over both sides of the broken ends like a spliced garden hose. Later, scouring cells will scavenge the surplus material so that the final result nearly matches the original bone.” 

Paul’s teaching on the body of Christ takes on new meaning as I learn and reflect on how my fractured bones are healing. How cells designed just for this purpose are working to restore me to health. How complete healing will require all the parts of my body – including the hidden parts – working together for this common goal.   

In many ways, the “cells” that work to heal the broken women who turn to Care Net—our volunteers and staff—are equally wondrous. 

This past month, we had seven volunteers complete training to become patient advocates in our First Care Clinic and another four volunteers who have begun serving in our maternity home, The Elizabeth House. Each of these volunteers will play a unique, complementary role in helping to heal women who are fractured and wounded by the despair they feel as they navigate an unintended pregnancy.   

Our patient advocates will be the first “cells” on the scene, helping to educate and empower women with options that offer dignity and true healing.  In our world where we’ve become accustomed to instant gratification, rewinds and do-overs, we have forgotten that true healing takes time and a network of cells working together.   

Some of these women will need additional support, to heal and build resources so that when their babies arrive they can find the way to abundant life. Our maternity home is the place where these women can rest, heal from their pain, and build strong resources that will carry them toward a bright future. Our volunteers and staff, working in concert, make that healing possible. And in the coming months we will be working toward expanding this resource to serve even more mothers and babies.  

True healing is possible—we’ve seen it time and again. But it only happens when the right “cells” come alongside these broken women and work together.  

Is God calling you to join the body of Care Net? Please get in touch.  As we prepare to reach more women and save more lives, we’re going to need every part of the body of Christ to spring into action. Contact us at 608-259-1606