The voice on the other end of the phone was familiar. She’d been to our clinic just a month prior. But somehow, she’d gotten confused and instead of coming to our clinic for her follow-up appointment, she was standing in the lobby of the abortion clinic. 

“Did I have an appointment with you today,“ she asked us. And our scheduler could hear a loud voice in the background. “You don’t need to go there. There is no need to see them. We’ll take care of you.”

And then the women’s voice again, tentative. “They say I don’t need to go back to you. Can you tell me what my appointment was for?”

“Yes, you were scheduled for an ultrasound to check for viability and gestational growth.”  

The voice in the background said again, “You don’t have to go there to have your abortion.”

The scheduler, hearing this, responded “You may not need an abortion. An ultrasound is needed to determine that. Come back so we can give you the information you need to make a decision.”  Despite the loud voice in the background trying to convince her otherwise, the patient said she was coming.

Ten minutes later Geena* arrived for her appointment.

“I wanted to come back. No one has ever been so kind to me. From the first time I came into your clinic you just made me feel so loved and this was the first clinic I ever came to where I honestly did not feel judged. Everybody else judges me and looks down on me.  But not you. Your different at this clinic.”

Too many voices

Geena has a long, hard battle ahead. But for the first time in her life- she experienced God’s love and grace. And that’s because of you and your ongoing support of this ministry. 

Please join us in prayer for this special woman. God knows her real name – and he knows her intimately.  Her needs, her wants, her desires, her failures. And His love is steadfast for her. 

Pray with us that she feels that every minute of every day and draws close to Him and heads HIS VOICE above all the others.

*name changed for privacy.