from the Desk of CEO, Sara Patterson

It’s probably no surprise that as an organization that works to defend the value of every human life, we believe people are our best resource for doing God’s work. That includes not just staff but volunteers too.   

For those who know me well, it will be no surprise to hear that summer is my favorite season.  And I couldn’t be more thankful for this summer – after what has seemed an exceptionally long and difficult winter.   

Like much of Dane County and the larger community, Care Net has faced significant challenges since being introduced to COVID-19. No sooner had we pivoted and planned a way forward through that crisis than we realized another crisis was on the horizon – a labor crisis.   

Under-resourced due to a lack of staff, I’m amazingly proud of the men and women I work with daily.  They have accomplished extraordinary things despite the challenges.   

But, it’s finally summer! I’m happy to say we’re on our way to hiring the necessary personnel. That’s a good thing – the work God calls us to do requires laborers!  

A few months ago, a team of volunteers completed training to become patient advocates. Patient advocates are the friendly face that walks with a patient through their appointment, ensuring their needs are met. The advocate discusses non-medical topics with the patient, such as her support system and any emotional, spiritual, safety, or financial concerns she may have.  We provide the dialogue and training you need to feel secure and ready to support women in need.  

We’re looking for more patient advocates who can commit to a half day at least once per week.  If you’d like more information, please call or email us. In addition to patient advocates, we’re also looking for volunteers to serve on committees, including those with expertise in finance, fundraising, event planning, human resources, and marketing to name a few.  If you have a gift – it’s likely we have a need for you.  

I hope you’ll prayerfully consider if God is nudging you toward more involvement. And if you feel that tug – I pray God will give you the courage to act on it.      

Want to volunteer? Fill out this form and send it to LeAnna at