When Adoption is Morally Wrong

“I need an abortion.” When a woman tells us she needs an abortion, she often sees her options as abortion or parenting. Since her life circumstances would make parenting difficult, she feels abortion is her only option. A common question among those of us who affirm all life as being made in the image of … Continued

Meet Aiden

Aiden is a nine year old boy who loves to play football, basketball and baseball and enjoys nature, hunting and farming. He plays the piano and has a bunny, named Fluffy, that he loves. He has an old soul, loves to talk and is quite social. He brings joy to his parents and siblings and … Continued

Bringing Adoption Back into the Discussion

From My Heart By Liz Osborn It was an emotional meeting. Jenna shared her very personal and trying adoption story from 18 years ago with me as if it was yesterday. At age 16, Jenna became pregnant. She agonized for days before telling her parents. She had just started at a new school. She was … Continued