“All this is for me?!” exclaimed Jada*. Jada was looking at her new bedroom in The Elizabeth House for the first time.

The fully furnished bedroom was ready for her, complete with new towels, sheets, bedding and a lovely handmade quilt. On the dresser were new toiletry items that were ready for Jada’s use. The desk in the corner displayed a few other essentials.

Bedroom at The Elizabeth House
Walking into a room with beautiful new bedding says, “You are valued, and we care about you.”

Jada was incredulous as she looked at the beautiful room before her that was now hers. Her place to lay her head every night, in a warm and comfortable bed of her own. She was astonished that people like you, who do not know her, had provided so much for her care and comfort.

Jada, pregnant with her first child, moved into The Elizabeth House with hopes for a great 2018. Now in a safe place, the year ahead looks very bright. In The Elizabeth House, Jada can give her baby a healthy start. She will receive the love of Christ each day as she lives in this caring community. Jada will learn how to write a resume and receive help and encouragement in working toward her career goals. She will gain life skills, including managing her finances. She will learn to set healthy boundaries in relationships. She will plan and make healthy meals. She will learn about parenting to become the best mom she can be.

Many women who live in The Elizabeth House have never had a stable place to live. They often have lacked basic necessities. They may feel desperate before moving into this safe and loving home. They have rarely been treated with respect or dignity.

But each woman who moves into The Elizabeth House is created in the image of God. She is deeply loved and valued by her creator. We aim to show her the love of Christ each day.

Part of demonstrating the love of Christ is loving her well each day in our interactions. But another important part of this love is showing her right from the beginning that she has value and dignity by providing her with a well-furnished room. Walking into a room with beautiful new bedding says, “You are valued, and we care about you.”

We are glad to provide a caring home and a place that communicates worth to the women who live there as soon as they enter the doors. Jada has a year of hope ahead, thanks to people like you.

* Name changed to protect privacy.