Wonderfully Made

October is observed as Respect Life Month in the Catholic Church. We at Care Net are comprised of people from across denominational lines — Catholics and Protestants, evangelicals and charismatics and those from non-denominational churches. Yet we hold in common our love for Jesus and our respect for the value of all human life. We … Continued

From My Heart

by Liz Osborn — At Care Net we focus on saving and changing lives. We desire to see all babies given the opportunity to live life – an abundant life for now and for eternity. We long to see women and men make choices that are life-giving for their children and for themselves. And we … Continued

Prayer works!

“Prayer works!” exclaimed Kayla.* “Tell everyone who prayed for me, ‘thank you.’ The company offered me a job on the spot!” Kayla’s summer job is coming to an end and she has been applying for a permanent position to start this fall. She came home from her interview nearly jumping for joy! She had been … Continued

To Proclaim Freedom

What does Care Net have to do with proclaiming freedom? Aren’t we about saving and changing lives? Yes! But we are about much more than saving lives of innocent, unborn children – as critical as that is. God has called us to serve women and men making pregnancy decisions. To offer them support and needed … Continued

All This Marching

All this marching…now what? Hundreds of thousands of people have descended upon Washington in the last couple weeks. Some to be a part of the Women’s March on January 21 and others to join in the March for Life on January 27. A few may have been part of both events. Many of those who … Continued

Celebrating and Moving Ahead

As we begin 2017, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on a few things YOU made possible in 2016. As we assemble our annual statistics, a few things stand out: Lives were saved. At least two dozen babies whose mothers came to us feeling they had no option but abortion will be born in … Continued