Trina thinks differently now, thanks to you

Trina* is like many twenty-somethings.  She bought into the belief that sex is the natural progression of dating  and thought she was in a committed relationship. Imagine her surprise when she learned her boyfriend of seven months was unfaithful.   “I thought I ‘d made a good judgment about his character. But I guess I hadn’t.”    Trina found … Continued

“I think I might be pregnant.”

“I think I might be pregnant,” Carly confided to our staff in a text. Carly* was not old enough to drive, but she was old enough to face a possible unplanned pregnancy. She contacted us, filled with despair and anxiety. Too afraid and ashamed to talk with her mom, she was relieved to have an … Continued

New Beginnings Ahead

With September just around the corner, many of us are thinking about the new school year ahead. The start of the school year, with all the possibilities ahead, can be a time of new beginnings, much like January 1st. For some, it may mean a child or grandchild starting kindergarten or high school or college. … Continued

“Condoms Can’t Protect Everything”

Did you know that we’re in public schools in Madison and surrounding communities? Medical professionals from Care Net give LifeWise presentations in middle and high school health classes. The teachers who have us come into their classrooms are very happy with what we bring to their students. One middle school teacher wrote about Care Net’s LifeWise … Continued

Sex and Marriage in the Same Sentence

“Some days I just leave the school hoping that someone took what I said to heart. Other days I am totally encouraged by their comments.” Kylie, Care Net volunteer nurse Kylie has been busy giving presentations about sexually transmitted infections in middle and high schools for Care Net’s First Care Clinic. Recently she heard something … Continued

Middle School Students Need to Know About Chlamydia?

Do middle school students really need to know about Chlamydia? Unfortunately, in our culture today — and in neighborhoods, and even in our churches — the answer is yes. There is some good news. In 2015, among U.S. high school students surveyed, 41% had had sexual intercourse.[i] That percentage has been dropping – from 47% … Continued