Entering This Tiny Window

How long do you think it takes from the time a woman confirms that she is pregnant to deciding to have an abortion? A. 0 days B. 3 days C. 1 week D. 2 weeks If you guessed A, zero days, then you are correct. Do you find this shocking? I did when I first … Continued

When Adoption is Morally Wrong

“I need an abortion.” When a woman tells us she needs an abortion, she often sees her options as abortion or parenting. Since her life circumstances would make parenting difficult, she feels abortion is her only option. A common question among those of us who affirm all life as being made in the image of … Continued

You’ve Made a Difference for Life!

When we talk about saving and changing lives, we really mean it. The essence of what we do every day makes the difference between life and death. For every day that life hangs in the balance, you make saving and changing lives possible. As we look back on the year behind us we are celebrating … Continued

The Almost Abortion

“I have to tell you. I almost had an abortion with this pregnancy,” Taylor* confided to our nurse manager during her ultrasound. Taylor was a patient in our clinic a couple years ago. She was considering abortion that time – but made a decision to carry to term. Now she has a beautiful two year … Continued

Friendly. Helpful. Non-judgmental.

Friendly. Helpful. Non-judgmental. Professional. Kind. These are words we hear over and over again on exit surveys that our patients complete. 99% of our patients responding to exit surveys rate their overall experience as good or excellent. And 100% of respondents say they would refer a family member or friend to our clinic. Our patients … Continued

Who’s Having Abortions?

The average woman who has an abortion: Is single Is between 15 and 24 years old Does not have any other children Lives in poverty Is not religious These are prevalent ideas but only two of them are true. So which are they? If you guessed A and D, you are correct. While sometimes women who … Continued

A Surprising Story About Millennials

We’ve all read the studies about millennials. Or perhaps you are a millennial and would like to read some good news about your generation. Millennials are the most studied and talked about generation to date. While Baby Boomers are called the “Me Generation,” Millennials are called the “Me Me Me Generation.” We’ve heard that millennials … Continued