You Helped Jamie “Breathe Again”

Imagine starting a new job and at the required physical learning you might be pregnant. That’s what happened to Jamie*. A baby didn’t mix well with being twenty-one years old, still in college and in the middle of a rocky relationship. So abortion seemed like the obvious choice. Jamie made an appointment at the abortion clinic where … Continued

On the Right Path

How You Changed Jade’s Life Jade* was worried and incredibly nervous. Her family relationships were difficult and she wasn’t sure how much longer she’d have a place to live. And now Jade was pregnant. How would she share her news? How would she cope? “It was not the best time for me,” she said. When … Continued

I Can Crawl!

Celebrating Milestones Two babies who live at The Elizabeth House started crawling recently. Those were days of great joy! Their moms, and the other moms and staff and volunteers were thrilled. Everyone celebrated these special moments. Moms captured those smiling faces and moving little bodies on video on their phones. As moms, we await our … Continued

You Took a Chance on Ashlee

And Helped Bring About God’s Plan “My baptism meant I was serious about changing my life,” said Ashlee*. “It meant I stopped smoking marijuana and drinking and gave all my problems to God.” Ashlee, a resident of The Elizabeth House, has been on her own since she was 18 years old. Her mom showed her … Continued

Introducing a Woman Who Helps Others Get Back Up

We are thrilled to introduce you to a passionate new member of our staff, Tia Rice. One of the first things Tia told us is that she changes her hair style very often. And that has proved true. In two short months, we have seen at least three different hair styles already. We welcomed Tia … Continued

When a Room Says “You Matter”

“All this is for me?!” exclaimed Jada*. Jada was looking at her new bedroom in The Elizabeth House for the first time. The fully furnished bedroom was ready for her, complete with new towels, sheets, bedding and a lovely handmade quilt. On the dresser were new toiletry items that were ready for Jada’s use. The … Continued

You Turned Lost into Found

Now Rose* Can Do Anything, Because of You A courageous and beautiful Rose, a 2017 graduate of The Elizabeth House, shared her story of hope and redemption at Care Net’s Annual Fundraising Banquet. “I once was lost. I didn’t know who I was or what my purpose was. I made some horrible decisions and was going … Continued

Desperate Times to New Beginnings

Caitlin’s* mom has been in jail since she was in middle school. Her dad hasn’t been in the picture since before that. Caitlin went to live with her grandparents when her mom went to jail. She grew up with them, enjoying a close relationship. That is, until, when in high school, her grandparents were killed … Continued

You Gave Breana a Home

And now she’s giving back. A home is so much more than a roof and four walls. It’s a place where most of us find love and support, acceptance, and a sense of belonging. But sadly, some of the women we serve have never experienced that kind of home. Breana was one of those young … Continued

First Steps

Stephanie* turned away from the sink and held out her hands toward Carter*, her not-quite-one-year-old son. Carter’s face nearly exploded with a smile as he exuberantly teetered the six steps toward his mother. The other moms of The Elizabeth House, sitting around the dinner table, cheered him on. All burst out with praise as they … Continued