When Walking with Moms Means Driving with Moms 

Reverend Bishop Hying of the Diocese of Madison is currently leading a Diocesan initiative to partner with women facing challenges related to pregnancy and parenting.  A key goal of the initiative: finding and closing service gaps.   This past summer Care Net had the chance to sit down with a member of a local Knights of … Continued

Care Fest was another success!

What a blessing and joy it was to host the second annual Care Fest in partnership with Lighthouse Church and Extended Hands Food Pantry on April 1. We handed out over 20,000 diapers, hundreds of wipes, baby clothes, blankets, detergent, soap, personal care items and healthy food baskets at no cost to over 153 families … Continued

Together we made an Impact!

The year 2022 was a historic one for those who believe in the sanctity of human life. So much has happened, and yet so much has stayed the same. Women are still struggling with unexpected pregnancies. They are still concerned about the future, worried they can’t move forward with a baby, and afraid they won’t … Continued

U-Turns Allowed

It was a One-Eighty “The mom took a complete one-eighty! She came in with only one thing on her mind: Abortion. But she left with a totally different mindset” – First Care Clinic Nurse Denise came to our clinic to confirm her pregnancy. She made it clear there was only one option if she was … Continued

What is Truth?

What Is Truth? How do we sort through the lies? We’re busting through the myths and misinformation that slander our good name. Is Care Net’s First Care Clinic a “real” medical clinic?   Yes! Our First Care Clinic is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) which means we have been shown to … Continued

“Everyone deserves this”  

Why The Elizabeth House Matters  Tia* knows firsthand the amazing power of transformation a supportive environment like our maternity home, The Elizabeth House, can have on a family. She knows because she experienced it.   “I was 18, sleeping on my grandmother’s ‘80’s couch, working closing shift and taking the last bus home in the cold … Continued

2023: A New Year filled with Exciting New Plans

If God wills it Reflections from the desk of CEO, Sara Patterson In just a few short months, the abortion landscape has changed dramatically. We are now living in a post-Roe, abortion-free Wisconsin—what we’ve hoped and prayed over for decades. Women who might quickly have opted for an abortion in the past are facing a … Continued

Cally Found a Blanket of Care… Thanks to You

Cally* was desperately searching for medical care in September of 2020. She worried she might be pregnant and had no insurance coverage. And to make matters worse, the pandemic had made it incredibly difficult to access health care. “I called place after place. No one would see me. No one even offered help or suggested … Continued

Some days are hard

Recently, a patient I’ll call Sondra visited us for pregnancy testing and verification. The situation was difficult, and she felt there was no way her future could include a baby.Women like Sondra, who are considering abortion, are exactly the people we want to see at First Care Clinic. If Sondra relies only on the internet, … Continued

The power of hope 

The power of hope 

The Power of Hope Around here, we talk a lot about hope—and, in fact, “Keeping Hope Alive” is one of our core values. We believe that no situation, no relationship, no person is beyond the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. And we know that hope can keep a person going, even in the darkest of … Continued