From My Heart

With the New Year before us we’re excited about how God will continue to direct and move our life-affirming mission forward. You’ve likely heard our Mobile Clinic will expand to three days and possibly four during the summer months. These additional days will happen because of your compassion and generosity. Thank you. I also want … Continued


Recently a 16- year old high school student, Le Anna Rewey, and her mother came to visit Care Net.  Le Anna wanted to share a very special poem she had written after watching “Alive from New York” and reflecting on the heartache that is left behind in the wake of abortion. If you or someone … Continued

Empowering Women

We hear a lot of talk about how the right to choose an abortion empowers women. But at Care Net, we feel there is a different way to empower women.  When a woman is faced with an unexpected pregnancy, a wide range of emotions come into play.  Her circumstances might not be ideal: her partner … Continued

A Talk That Matters

DeSean* sat alone in the waiting room, mindlessly fidgeting with his phone—but that’s not really where his mind was. In fact, his thoughts were consumed with one thing: his girlfriend was pregnant. When they made the appointment at our clinic, they were hoping that the four or five home tests could be proven incorrect. But … Continued

Abort. Parent. Both were checked.

When a woman comes to our clinic for a pregnancy test, we ask her to check a box indicating her initial intentions. Abort. Parent. Adoption. These are the three choices facing every pregnant woman—and one is definitely not like the others. So when our nurse saw that Deidra* had checked two very different options, you … Continued

What does the Bible say about abortion?

What does the Bible say about abortion? The answer is: the Bible doesn’t mention the word abortion. That doesn’t mean it is silent on the matter though, because it has a great deal to say about when life begins. The Bible is clear that the unborn child is a valuable life. King David illustrates this … Continued

How you gave Anya hope

Anya* was a stay-at-home mom to baby Tara who was just a few months old. Anya and her boyfriend, Dan, were struggling to make ends meet. Even though Anya was on birth control, she suspected she might be pregnant. One pregnancy test confirmed her fears; another was negative. The distraught young couple needed a true … Continued

Entering This Tiny Window

How long do you think it takes from the time a woman confirms that she is pregnant to deciding to have an abortion? A. 0 days B. 3 days C. 1 week D. 2 weeks If you guessed A, zero days, then you are correct. Do you find this shocking? I did when I first … Continued

Just Have Another Abortion

“If I’m pregnant, I’ll just have another abortion. It’s no big deal,” Kaitlyn* told the nurse. Kaitlyn has already had two abortions. She spoke about the possibility of another one as if she were speaking about getting her hair cut. Or maybe having a tooth pulled. And why wouldn’t she? Kaitlyn has believed the lie … Continued

Which One is Made in the Image of God?

“God created humanity in God’s own image, in the divine image God created them, male and female God created them.” Genesis 1:27 The Sad Truth We are devaluing life. Every day in Dane County, two babies lose their lives to abortion. Their mothers feel they have no other options. And if that baby is a … Continued