My Daughter is Here Today Because of You

“My daughter is here today because of you.” Kendra* and her four-year-old daughter, Aubrey*, were at Spring to Life over Mother’s Day weekend. They came to the Care Net table to say hello. And Kendra wanted us to see Aubrey. Kendra had come to our clinic when she was pregnant with Aubrey and we had … Continued

Never Want to Go Through That Again

“I never want to go through that again.” Our nurses sometimes hear this statement from women who have made an abortion decision in the past. Recently, a number of women who have come to our clinic for pregnancy testing have said on their intake forms, “I regret my previous abortion.” Melanie* accepted our invitation to … Continued

You’ve Made a Difference for Life!

When we talk about saving and changing lives, we really mean it. The essence of what we do every day makes the difference between life and death. For every day that life hangs in the balance, you make saving and changing lives possible. As we look back on the year behind us we are celebrating … Continued

Eyes on a Kidney Bean?

Today it was my turn to be the second staff person in the ultrasound room. And it was my first time. The young couple watched with their eyes fixed on the ultrasound screen. Their faces looked like “deer in the headlights.” But unlike many of our patients, this couple seemed happy to be expecting a … Continued

To Proclaim Freedom

What does Care Net have to do with proclaiming freedom? Aren’t we about saving and changing lives? Yes! But we are about much more than saving lives of innocent, unborn children – as critical as that is. God has called us to serve women and men making pregnancy decisions. To offer them support and needed … Continued

Four Lives Saved!

It’s not every day that we have an opportunity to save a life. We hear stories of “regular people” being in the right place at the right time to administer CPR or call 911. But most of the time my life, and probably yours, does not seem to be about life and death situations. But … Continued

Women’s Health Every Day

May 14-20 is National Women’s Health Week. At Care Net, we talk about women’s health every day and in many ways. We equip young women to make small, daily healthy life choices that affect their overall health. You probably think first of our core medical services that we offer free of charge to women: pregnancy … Continued

Five Ways to Help a Friend

5 ways to help a friend

Recently I was talking with a woman I’ll call Leslie. Leslie told me that she wished more people knew about Care Net. Then she told me why. Leslie has a friend who had been pregnant and ended her pregnancy. Leslie knew about Care Net, but didn’t know how to talk with her friend about Care Net … Continued

So What Really Happens When…?

Perhaps you’ve wondered what happens when a woman comes to our clinic, concerned that she may be pregnant. When she enters the reception area, each patient is warmly greeted by a receptionist and asked to complete some intake paperwork so that we can provide the services best for her. She may have several people telling her … Continued

First Care Clinic on TV

Did you see us on TV? Our very own First Care Clinic was on Channel 3 last week, featured on Buzzed into Madison, with Emmy Fink. Tanis Jean-Louis, Clinic Director, gives an overview of the services and wrap around care women may find in our clinic. And the video gives glimpses of the warm environment … Continued