No First Breath for 777 Children

The numbers are out. The State of Wisconsin released their annual report on reported abortions for 2016. In Dane County, abortion numbers have held relatively steady the last four years after declining sharply from 2012 to 2013. In 2012, there were 887 reported abortions obtained by residents of Dane County. For each year from 2013 … Continued

When STI Testing Reveals a Shock

Why Provide Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections? Because It Made a Difference for Lindsey, Nathan—and Someone Else —  Lindsey* was worried about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) so she Googled to find a place where she could get tested. Care Net’s First Care Clinic came up at the top of the list – and is free. … Continued

I’m Pregnant. I’m Overwhelmed. I Want…

5 ways to help a friend

“I’m Pregnant. I’m Overwhelmed. I Want an Abortion” What would you do if a friend or family member confided this to you? How would you respond? What could you do to help your friend through this challenging time? Start by taking a deep breath. Then remember 3 things NOT to do and 5 things to … Continued

All This Marching

All this marching…now what? Hundreds of thousands of people have descended upon Washington in the last couple weeks. Some to be a part of the Women’s March on January 21 and others to join in the March for Life on January 27. A few may have been part of both events. Many of those who … Continued

Panic vs. Calm

There are many reasons why the women who walk through the doors of Care Net feel abortion is their only option. For Natalie,* it was a chronic medical condition. She was overwhelmed by her health situation and felt it would be impossible to go through with her pregnancy. Our volunteer nurse, Laura*, listened and talked … Continued

Five Ways to Help a Friend

5 ways to help a friend

Recently I was talking with a woman I’ll call Leslie. Leslie told me that she wished more people knew about Care Net. Then she told me why. Leslie has a friend who had been pregnant and ended her pregnancy. Leslie knew about Care Net, but didn’t know how to talk with her friend about Care Net … Continued

First Care Clinic on TV

Did you see us on TV? Our very own First Care Clinic was on Channel 3 last week, featured on Buzzed into Madison, with Emmy Fink. Tanis Jean-Louis, Clinic Director, gives an overview of the services and wrap around care women may find in our clinic. And the video gives glimpses of the warm environment … Continued