Education Classes

Who taught you how to be a mom or dad? How to fix a flat or save for the future? We all have different answers, and some may say, “I never was taught those things.” At Care Net we understand that not everyone has a role model mom or dad. But it’s never too late … Continued


Lydia* came to our clinic for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. She’d lived abroad for a number of years and had just returned to the States because of boyfriend troubles. Lydia was currently living with her sister. Shortly after Lydia settled into her new home, she confided in her sister that she feared she was … Continued

Carrie CAN thanks to you

Carrie had no job and a tiny infant to care for.  She was fleeing an abusive relationship and she needed help right away. Her social worker referred her to Care Net’s maternity home, The Elizabeth House (TEH).   As soon as she walked into TEH, Carrie went from feeling alone to having a sense of family and … Continued

No Regrets

Aimee is celebrating life, thanks to you! Aimee* and Ryan’s* relationship teetered between on-again/off-again. And when the pregnancy test came back positive, they were mostly “off.” “I knew having a baby and not being married would be a huge disappointment to my parents,” Aimee told us, “I was really torn between parenting and abortion.” That’s … Continued

Matchmaking? We do that too.

If by matchmaking you mean connecting people to churches, then we do a lot of that. In fact, it’s something we are very passionate about. As we work to build relationships with our patients and clients, nothing fills us with joy more than when someone expresses a desire to explore or grow in their faith … Continued

How you gave Anya hope

Anya* was a stay-at-home mom to baby Tara who was just a few months old. Anya and her boyfriend, Dan, were struggling to make ends meet. Even though Anya was on birth control, she suspected she might be pregnant. One pregnancy test confirmed her fears; another was negative. The distraught young couple needed a true … Continued

Wonderfully Made

October is observed as Respect Life Month in the Catholic Church. We at Care Net are comprised of people from across denominational lines — Catholics and Protestants, evangelicals and charismatics and those from non-denominational churches. Yet we hold in common our love for Jesus and our respect for the value of all human life. We … Continued

I’m Pregnant. I’m Overwhelmed. I Want…

5 ways to help a friend

“I’m Pregnant. I’m Overwhelmed. I Want an Abortion” What would you do if a friend or family member confided this to you? How would you respond? What could you do to help your friend through this challenging time? Start by taking a deep breath. Then remember 3 things NOT to do and 5 things to … Continued

Who’s Having Abortions?

The average woman who has an abortion: Is single Is between 15 and 24 years old Does not have any other children Lives in poverty Is not religious These are prevalent ideas but only two of them are true. So which are they? If you guessed A and D, you are correct. While sometimes women who … Continued

Five Ways to Help a Friend

5 ways to help a friend

Recently I was talking with a woman I’ll call Leslie. Leslie told me that she wished more people knew about Care Net. Then she told me why. Leslie has a friend who had been pregnant and ended her pregnancy. Leslie knew about Care Net, but didn’t know how to talk with her friend about Care Net … Continued