An Ultrasound Changed Everything

Abortion was the only way out.    Until an ultrasound changed everything.   The news couldn’t have been more shocking.   Kathy was sitting at a doctor consult for a tubal ligation when she heard the news.  “I’m sorry, we can’t more forward.  The bloodwork shows you are pregnant.”   How could this be happening?  The plan was to prevent another pregnancy from ever happening, … Continued

Your Kindness in the Midst of Chaos Changed Macy’s Life

Macy* and her new boyfriend, Dylan*, had only been dating a short time. Somehow things had moved quickly—too quickly, Macy realized—and now Macy was pregnant.   Macy felt scared and alone. Not sure where to turn, she made an appointment at Care Net. Dylan agreed to come with her and the two met with one of Care Net’s nurses. “Billie Jo … Continued

“I think I might be pregnant.”

“I think I might be pregnant,” Carly confided to our staff in a text. Carly* was not old enough to drive, but she was old enough to face a possible unplanned pregnancy. She contacted us, filled with despair and anxiety. Too afraid and ashamed to talk with her mom, she was relieved to have an … Continued

You Helped Jamie “Breathe Again”

Imagine starting a new job and at the required physical learning you might be pregnant. That’s what happened to Jamie*. A baby didn’t mix well with being twenty-one years old, still in college and in the middle of a rocky relationship. So abortion seemed like the obvious choice. Jamie made an appointment at the abortion clinic where … Continued

Abort. Parent. Both were checked.

When a woman comes to our clinic for a pregnancy test, we ask her to check a box indicating her initial intentions. Abort. Parent. Adoption. These are the three choices facing every pregnant woman—and one is definitely not like the others. So when our nurse saw that Deidra* had checked two very different options, you … Continued

How you gave Anya hope

Anya* was a stay-at-home mom to baby Tara who was just a few months old. Anya and her boyfriend, Dan, were struggling to make ends meet. Even though Anya was on birth control, she suspected she might be pregnant. One pregnancy test confirmed her fears; another was negative. The distraught young couple needed a true … Continued

On the Right Path

How You Changed Jade’s Life Jade* was worried and incredibly nervous. Her family relationships were difficult and she wasn’t sure how much longer she’d have a place to live. And now Jade was pregnant. How would she share her news? How would she cope? “It was not the best time for me,” she said. When … Continued

¿Que pasa? First Care and a Miracle

Gabriela* thought she was pregnant. And unlike many women we see, she was happy about it. But she started spotting and was concerned about a miscarriage. She searched online and found our clinic. Now she could find out for sure about her pregnancy and talk with someone about her fears of losing her baby. Gabriela … Continued

This Came in Our Mail

We opened our mail and found this: A birth announcement with a sticky note thanking us for our care and our prayers. Lily’s mom wanted to share her gratitude. We were thrilled to celebrate Lily’s birth with her! Here’s what this new mom told us. “I had only been in Wisconsin for two months when … Continued

So Much Going Wrong

“I don’t know how I can carry this pregnancy. I have so much stuff in my life that’s going wrong,” Jayla* told our nurse. Jayla has a beautiful little toddler. She doesn’t know how she can be a good mom to another child with everything else happening in her life. The relationship she’s been in … Continued