This is Courage

At Care Net, we’ve seen some incredible displays of courage. Jaclyn* visited our First Care Clinic looking for information on abortion. She was in a relationship that had gone from bad to worse and was experiencing intense pressure to end her pregnancy.  She told the nurse, “The father told me to ‘kill it’ and he … Continued

You Helped Jamie “Breathe Again”

Imagine starting a new job and at the required physical learning you might be pregnant. That’s what happened to Jamie*. A baby didn’t mix well with being twenty-one years old, still in college and in the middle of a rocky relationship. So abortion seemed like the obvious choice. Jamie made an appointment at the abortion clinic where … Continued

What does the Bible say about abortion?

What does the Bible say about abortion? The answer is: the Bible doesn’t mention the word abortion. That doesn’t mean it is silent on the matter though, because it has a great deal to say about when life begins. The Bible is clear that the unborn child is a valuable life. King David illustrates this … Continued

Five Ways You Can Help a Friend Who Might Be Pregnant

How can you best help someone who is unexpectedly pregnant and doesn’t know what to do? Helping starts before the pregnancy test turns positive by creating a safe relationship where friends and family members can be open and honest without fear of judgment. When those around you know that you care for them no matter … Continued

So Much Going Wrong

“I don’t know how I can carry this pregnancy. I have so much stuff in my life that’s going wrong,” Jayla* told our nurse. Jayla has a beautiful little toddler. She doesn’t know how she can be a good mom to another child with everything else happening in her life. The relationship she’s been in … Continued

Entering This Tiny Window

How long do you think it takes from the time a woman confirms that she is pregnant to deciding to have an abortion? A. 0 days B. 3 days C. 1 week D. 2 weeks If you guessed A, zero days, then you are correct. Do you find this shocking? I did when I first … Continued

When Adoption is Morally Wrong

“I need an abortion.” When a woman tells us she needs an abortion, she often sees her options as abortion or parenting. Since her life circumstances would make parenting difficult, she feels abortion is her only option. A common question among those of us who affirm all life as being made in the image of … Continued

Just Have Another Abortion

“If I’m pregnant, I’ll just have another abortion. It’s no big deal,” Kaitlyn* told the nurse. Kaitlyn has already had two abortions. She spoke about the possibility of another one as if she were speaking about getting her hair cut. Or maybe having a tooth pulled. And why wouldn’t she? Kaitlyn has believed the lie … Continued

She Speaks Their Language

Pierre* and Esther* walked through our doors one morning. They had driven an hour to get to our clinic. They were desperate. Esther was pregnant and feeling so sick that she was unable to continue working. However, if she had to quit her job, their financial difficulties would be compounded. She would probably have to … Continued

The Year Was 1998

The year was 1998. Care Net Pregnancy Center of Dane County was then the Pregnancy Information Center. This name was often abbreviated PIC. PIC also stood for the three branches of the then much smaller ministry: Prevention, Intervention and (Re)Conciliation. Prevention: Through our LifeWise program, young adult presenters went to public school classrooms. These presenters … Continued