Five Ways You Can Help a Friend Who Might Be Pregnant

How can you best help someone who is unexpectedly pregnant and doesn’t know what to do? Helping starts before the pregnancy test turns positive by creating a safe relationship where friends and family members can be open and honest without fear of judgment. When those around you know that you care for them no matter … Continued

My Munchkinland

Chloe*, our former patient and a new mom, has a special message for everyone who makes Care Net’s clinic possible. At Care Net’s recent banquet, she described herself as “like Dorothy” and she found her “Munchkinland” in First Care Clinic. She told her story in the “Best Decision” video and then shared the following words … Continued

Will You Be a Part of Telling the Story?

Where can you laugh with friends you rarely see, get tears in your eyes listening to a young mom tell her story, hear the latest about what’s happening to save and changes lives and experience how you are part of the greater body of Christ in the Madison area? At Care Net’s Annual Fundraising Banquet, … Continued

What About Those Baby Bottles?

You’ve probably seen Care Net’s baby bottles at your church. And likely you’ve picked one up and put cash in it. Hopefully you’ve brought it back to church. Or possibly it’s still sitting on your dresser. We are grateful for the thousands of people in this community who join together from 70+ area churches each … Continued

The Science of Life

Baby in womb.

Many of us know that a preborn baby is a new human being, entirely unique from his mother. And we value this preborn baby, and his mother and father, because each of them is created in the image of God. Yet do we really understand the science behind life? And do we grasp enough of … Continued

Celebrating 32 Years

Celebrating 32 Years of Saving and Changing Lives This week we celebrate Care Net Pregnancy Center of Dane County’s 32nd birthday. On March 15, 1985 we first opened our doors as the Pregnancy Information Center in a tiny office on Normandy Lane on the west side of Madison. That day, the dream of a small … Continued

You Saved a Life Last Week

You saved a life last week. How often do you hear those words directed to you? Yet, because of your support, a vulnerable life was protected. A baby will be born this fall because you made a difference. A little face will light up in a smile, a toddler will take his or her first … Continued

Celebrating and Moving Ahead

As we begin 2017, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on a few things YOU made possible in 2016. As we assemble our annual statistics, a few things stand out: Lives were saved. At least two dozen babies whose mothers came to us feeling they had no option but abortion will be born in … Continued

Merry Christmas!

We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! May you know the joy of this season. Thank you for all you do to make a difference for life!  

Beginning Advent

As we begin the beautiful season of Advent, we have much for which we are thankful. Virtually every day, at least one person walks through our doors bringing in beautiful handmade baby blankets, baby clothes, diapers or other baby items to provide tangible gifts for the moms, dads and babies we serve. Many weeks, a … Continued