Volunteer Spotlight

How Sally uses her talents to serve the Kingdom Sally Spinelli has been serving as a Patient Advocate in our clinic since last summer. “I always felt nudges to get involved at Care Net. It started when I went through a support group to heal from the pain of my own abortion. I knew that … Continued

Pressure Relieved

Pressure Relieved Thanks to your help, support and hope! Violet was pretty sure she was pregnant. She could feel the pressure building—not knowing for sure was incredibly stressful—and finding a clinic to confirm her pregnancy wasn’t proving to be easy. Violet didn’t have a regular clinic and the only one she knew of didn’t have … Continued

Better than a “Dr Phil”

Better than a “Dr. Phil” One week shy of her 40th birthday, Katessa was not expecting to learn she was pregnant. “I had just gone through a lot of reorganization in my life. Clearing out some toxic relationships, finding a new workplace, and focusing on getting myself healthier, eating and exercising, running marathons.” Katessa needed … Continued

God wants our Best Effort

God wants our Best Effort “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  2 Timothy 2:15 Care Net of Dane County has never shied away from hard things—case in point: our decision many years ago to become an accredited medical clinic. At … Continued

Education Classes

Who taught you how to be a mom or dad? How to fix a flat or save for the future? We all have different answers, and some may say, “I never was taught those things.” At Care Net we understand that not everyone has a role model mom or dad. But it’s never too late … Continued


Lydia* came to our clinic for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. She’d lived abroad for a number of years and had just returned to the States because of boyfriend troubles. Lydia was currently living with her sister. Shortly after Lydia settled into her new home, she confided in her sister that she feared she was … Continued

I was at a loss

“I was at a loss. I didn’t know what to think, what to do or what to feel.”  That’s how Nina* felt when she arrived at our clinic. A young teenager, Nina was hoping to hide her pregnancy for as long as possible.  But her mom, Penelope*, found out and brought her to our clinic.   Penelope … Continued

What Child Is This?

This lovely carol so beautifully captures the awe and wonder of the Christ child! What child is this that angels sing and shepherds guard his keeping? At Care Net, we often find ourselves wondering the same. What child is this? When a patient visits our clinic with abortion on her mind, we wonder: Who is … Continued

Trina thinks differently now, thanks to you

Trina* is like many twenty-somethings.  She bought into the belief that sex is the natural progression of dating  and thought she was in a committed relationship. Imagine her surprise when she learned her boyfriend of seven months was unfaithful.   “I thought I ‘d made a good judgment about his character. But I guess I hadn’t.”    Trina found … Continued

Let’s talk about Empowerment

Masie*  recently visited our clinic for STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing.  She brought a friend for moral support.  Sharing with a stranger that she feared having an infection because her boyfriend had been unfaithful was hard for Masie to face alone. As a teenager, a free clinic was just what Masie needed. When she made … Continued