From My Heart

With the New Year before us we’re excited about how God will continue to direct and move our life-affirming mission forward. You’ve likely heard our Mobile Clinic will expand to three days and possibly four during the summer months. These additional days will happen because of your compassion and generosity. Thank you. I also want … Continued

The Battle is the LORD’s

From Liz Osborn My heart was heavy and in disbelief, as I’m sure yours was, with the heart-wrenching news that New York would allow late-term abortions, right up until a child is fully-grown and has to be delivered. Some even celebrated this as a victory for women’s reproductive rights as the One World Trade Center … Continued

From My Heart: A Trusted Resource

by Tanis Jean-Louis, Clinic Director “I need to be seen.” Alexis* called, desperate to see someone right away. One of our nurses talked with her over the phone, learned she had some symptoms and wanted to be tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Alexis was seen the same day, free of charge, and received STI … Continued

From My Heart – Life and Liberty

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays. Flags will be prominently hung around our home and we’ll gather with loved ones to make the most of the day—likely watching a parade, cooking out and sitting together under the stars to enjoy the magnificence of fireworks lighting up the sky. As you join with family … Continued

From My Heart: Not an Outcast by Any Means

What stirs your heart when you read and ponder the intimate conversation between the Samaritan woman at the well and Jesus? Have you also wondered why we don’t know her name? I believe that’s intentional. It is for me. Haven’t we all in some way been the woman at the well? Haven’t we all needed … Continued

From My Heart: Vision for 2018

by Liz Osborn —  As followers of Jesus Christ, we all hold the conviction of serving and caring for the poor and needy, especially those facing great life challenges. For the last 32 years, Care Net has worked to bring compassion, help and hope to anyone facing a pregnancy decision. We’ve offered free, evidence-based medical … Continued

From My Heart

by Liz Osborn — At Care Net we focus on saving and changing lives. We desire to see all babies given the opportunity to live life – an abundant life for now and for eternity. We long to see women and men make choices that are life-giving for their children and for themselves. And we … Continued

Bringing Adoption Back into the Discussion

From My Heart By Liz Osborn It was an emotional meeting. Jenna shared her very personal and trying adoption story from 18 years ago with me as if it was yesterday. At age 16, Jenna became pregnant. She agonized for days before telling her parents. She had just started at a new school. She was … Continued

From My Heart – Easter Every Day

by Liz Osborn — As we prepare to celebrate the joy and triumph of Easter, I found myself reflecting on the glorious events surrounding the resurrection account.  Easter is all about Life and restoration and don’t we love to proclaim that message? But then, my mind drifted to Good Friday and Jesus’ death.  Undoubtedly, there … Continued

From My Heart: Dads Matter

by Liz Osborn Remember the 1950’s sitcom Leave It to Beaver? Ward Cleaver always made it home in time for dinner and was key to ensuring Wally and the Beav learned an important lesson by the end of each episode.  “Gee golly!” In addition to whatever life lesson Ward wanted to impart, there was always … Continued